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The Timewalker "Software Game Suite" program is no longer available to the public.


Timewalker Software Games No Longer On Sale

The Timewalker "Software Game Suite" program has been taken off the market as of October 24, 2011. A new version may be available in the future. Thanks for coming to the web site.

Created By
Mr. J.V. Presogna

A New Television Series

This ethnic, serio-comic, science-fiction fantasy television series is about a white man and a black man who can fight crime without the use of violence or weapons, thanks to a unique super power that enables them to control the forward advance of time. This is not about time travel. The superheroes will not be going back and forth in time. The power they have is to control time's advance, and that power is created by an apparatus hidden inside an amulet which was found in Connecticut. The secret to how it works is a goal not only of the two superheroes who use it, but also of at least one other man who covets it.

The Coolest Superheroes in the Business

Nick Summers, the Irish-Catholic disc jockey, is Timewalker; and Leroy Jordan, the black sound technician, is Midnight. The apparatus that Nick found long ago enables the two of them to compete with those who are much more powerful, but Nick and Leroy find that they must use their heads as much as they use the apparatus.

No Such Thing as Time Travel

There is no such thing as time travel. Nobody can go back in time, and nobody can go into the future and return to the present. Nick and Leroy will tell you to use your time wisely, because once a minute is gone, it is gone forever, never to be recovered. But, Nick and Leroy can control the forward advance of time, much like anyone can control the speed of a spinning plate. The apparatus creates a light whip, and this light whip can be controlled by whoever uses the apparatus to control the forward advance of time.

No Violence or Weapons, Unless There is No Other Choice

Timewalker and Midnight will never use violence or weapons, not unless they have no other choice. If we were being attacked from space, or if our country was at war, Timewalker and Midnight would, of course, take part in defense. But, in the ordinary course of events, bad guys are defeated regularly by our superheroes without any use of violence or weapons whatsoever. Thanks to the power to control time, our superheroes can do almost anything, as several episodes demonstrate.


The TIMEWALKER Project goes back to 1986.

This is a chronology, in brief, of the work.

[The first legal documentation of TIMEWALKER, the original novel completed on June 27, 1986, was made in the Recordation Office of the U.S. Copyright Office on March 16, 1990, with the intent to register the work. The actual registration was made at a later date, listed as TXu 918-787, September 23, 1999, retroactive to June 27, 1986, which is the date of completion. No attempt to market TIMEWALKER was made prior to the legal documentation noted above. The work, the characters created, and the premise, have all been in force since June 27, 1986. All work is the property of Mr. J.V. Presogna.]

A Brief Chronology

1. June 27, 1986: The original novel, TIMEWALKER, was completed, at 225 pages.

2. May 29, 1992: Music Score was composed for "The Theme From Timewalker."

3. October 8, 1995: After more than 2 years of development, the TV Series pilot episode, "The Road to Cleveland," (60-minute teleplay), was completed, and the Series Bible, which was also updated in 2001 to include additional episodes, was completed.

4. November 27, 1995: Secured Cadillac as a sponsor for the TV Series, first by sending them a package, then receiving a telephone call from them, and then receiving written confirmation via mail on 11/27/95 from Cadillac.

5. February 13, 1999: Episode #2, "The Stork Recaptured," 30-minute teleplay.
6. March 3, 2001: Episode #3, "Half An Amulet Is Better Than None," 30-minute teleplay.
7. April 21, 2001: Episode #4, "Back to Connecticut, Part One," 30-minute teleplay.
8. April 27, 2001: Episode #5, "Back to Connecticut, Part Two," 30-minute teleplay.
9. May 5, 2001: Episode #6, "Double Duty," 30-minute teleplay.

10. February 2, 2002: After much development over several years, the entire first episode was condensed into a 32-page COMIC BOOK, 23 pages of story with multiple panels, science pages, and activity pages, Volume I, Number I. This premiere issue had all art and dialogue completed, needing only the final painting of color.

11. July 5, 2006: The TIMEWALKER Project was extended to computer software games. At least two games were included in the first distribution.

Also, still in development from the same base copyright of the 1986 novel are a motion picture, graphic novel, and other formats. The TV Series was intended to be done as a live-action vehicle, but it can be either live-action or animated.

The comic book series is to be called TIMEWALKER AND MIDNIGHT, while the TV Series is to be called simply TIMEWALKER.

All work is that of Mr. J.V. Presogna,
the sole author, creator and owner
of all exclusive rights and copyright.


Anyone interested in this television series should
contact Mr. J.V. Presogna, either by e-mail or by regular mail.
A television production license and a comic book license
are both available as of this posting.

Mr. J.V. Presogna

You can read the Timewalker Television Production License online.

Timewalker Television Production License

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