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J.V. Presogna Art Gallery

If you like samples of my work,
contact me to produce custom art for your business or home.

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Homeless Madonna Untitled, The Shack Out Back One Fine Day
Title: "Homeless Madonna"
© 1990
By J.V. Presogna
Untitled: The Shack Out Back
© 1993
By J.V. Presogna
Title: "One Fine Day"
© 1988
By J.V. Presogna

Additional Samples

Note: The following samples are mixed media, primarily on paper.

Round 116 Elephantitis King of the Jungle
Title: "Round 116"
© 1983
By J.V. Presogna
Title: "Elephantitis"
© 1983
By J.V. Presogna
Title: "King of the Jungle"
© 1983
By J.V. Presogna

Untitled, World Trade Center Untitled, Migrant Workers Untitled, Cubist Horse
Untitled: World Trade Center
© 2000
By J.V. Presogna
Untitled: Migrant Workers
© 1992
By J.V. Presogna
Untitled: Cubist Horse
© 2001
By J.V. Presogna

Not all expression is art.
On the contrary, most expression is not art.

The Tree of Expression


A word about samples:

The samples are of all types, including realism, surrealism, impressionism and abstract. My gallery has all types of works in it because I do all types of work. I can also design logos or monograms, and personalized artwork for business needs. I have done cartoons, and I have published a book of mazes in 2004, with a black and white version and a color version of the same book.

A note about my paintings:

My signature pieces of art are "oil on wood paintings." Any medium on wood or plasterboard, or even plastic or tin, is what I really enjoy. I take pieces of driftwood and make them into paintings. I take material that is discarded, like plasterboard or coffee can covers made out of plastic, and make them into paintings. I also do canvas and paper paintings, but my signature pieces are those where I take something useless and transform it into a true work of art. That, I believe, is a noble calling.

A note about copyrights:

Owning the artifact does not mean you own the copyright, just like when you buy a CD for music you do not own the music on the CD, even if you own the CD. A painting is an artifact. Under United States laws, no copyright is transferred without the explicit contract spelling out the terms of transfer. Therefore, the laws state there is no involuntary transfer of title. Buying a painting means you "own the painting." If you sell the painting for $1-million, the $1-million is all yours, since you would be selling the artifact. But, you cannot offer to make posters or other reproductions, or mass produce the painting in any way, because owning the painting does not entitle you to own the copyright. The "right to copy," or copyright, belongs only to the artist, until the artist signs away that right by virtue of a specific contract. All paintings in my gallery are copyrighted. The prices for the paintings are reasonable, because copyright is not included.

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