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Music Services


Each of the following categories is explained more fully below.

Lessons in Composition and Theory - Internet Study
Learn how to compose music in all genres and styles
Learn music theory so that you can read and understand music.

A look at my opus page will show you
all of the genres and styles I myself have composed.
Opus Catalogue - Click Here

Lessons in Piano
Lessons in piano can take place only in person.
An appointment is necessary.

Transcriptions from Audio - Internet Business
You can sing on a recording and
it can be transcribed as a lead sheet.
Additional work would require more input from yourself
concerning baselines and harmonies.

Arrangements - Internet Business
If you have a lead sheet, it can be arranged.
The type of arrangement determines the price.

Any music consultation concerning composition,
arrangements, and the music business is available.


Lessons in Composition and Theory - Internet Study

My background in music composition covers all genres, forms and styles. You must remember that some forms of music require certain rules to be adhered to in the process. In classical music especially there are many forms governed by rules. Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the people who showed us how to break the rules, but not even he could break the one rule which can never be broken. That is the rule of definition.

If I ask you to compose a sonata, and you compose a suite, I will have to fail you. I have written a 700-page textbook on music composition, which covers these things in detail --- "The Complete Book of Music Composition," which includes "How to Compose, What to Compose, and 10,000 Years of Music Composition History."

When I teach you how to compose, you will indeed learn "HOW" to compose, beginning with the definition, a little history of the form or genre, and the instruments and general setup of putting the piece together.

Below, you will find 3 screenshots, showing a simple 16-bar chorale, the first page of a 13-page jazz piece orchestration, and the first page of a 14-page string quartet.

Arise in the Morning
Margaret, Sextet Number One
String Quartet Number Five, The Civil War Quartet

If you want to learn how to compose, you will have to get a copy of the Finale NotePad Music Program.

You can get the Finale NotePad here: Go to Finale Web Site

How do music lessons take place? In composition, you will be composing music on the Finale NotePad, and you can send me the file. I will show you how to improve the file on a separate copy and send them both back to you. For lessons on music and music theory in general, I will have a standard lesson plan which you will follow, lesson by lesson.

You need to know what type of lessons you want.

For example, once you state your objective, such as string quartet compositions, I can start by sending you material for preparation. Once we get started, you will begin to actually compose a string quartet on the Finale NotePad. Every time we exchange material, there will be a charge of $10. It would be more if this were in person, but since it is on the internet, the fee is only $10 per exchange.

I prefer PayPal because it is immediate and most everyone has it.

Lessons in Piano

I will not teach piano over the internet, so this is simply a way of stating that reality. Teaching the piano must be personal, for each student, and it should mainly be one-to-one to be the most beneficial.

Therefore, please do not request piano lessons over the internet, because they will not be made available.

Transcriptions from Audio - Internet Business

What is a transcription?

I have done this for others because they could not read or write music. It is not exactly what you think, however, and I will explain what you need to know here.

If you can sing (on key) on a recording, I will have no problem giving you a lead sheet of your music, which is enough to protect it for you. You are the composer when you sing, and I will act as transcriber. You will own the song you sing, and the transcription I will provide.

The transcription, which is called a lead sheet, is your voice. You will not have a piano arrangement. That costs much more money. As a matter of fact, I recommend to anyone who cannot read or write music that you get just a lead sheet to protect your song.

For transcription of a song of 1 to 3 pages, I will require $50 to be paid.

I can specify that I transcribe what you sing, so if you sing off key, it will be written off key. The only way that you will be officially the author and owner is for me to transcribe exactly what I hear on the recording.

I would prefer a simple MP3 file to listen to, and there are some requirements.


1. Do not sing a lot of stanzas if the stanzas are the same music. All you need to do is write the music once for every stanza. Once you get a lead sheet, you can write the lyrics for the separate stanzas underneath each other.

2. You must certify that you are the sole author and owner of your song. Without this certification, I will not work.

3. You must release me from all liability in the transcription of this music, whereas you are the sole author and owner of such music. I am only the person who transcribes it for you.

4. Do not have any music on the recording. The recording of the MP3 must be only your voice singing. It must be, as they say, a capella, with no musical accompaniment whatsoever.

Arrangements - Internet Business

If you want an arrangement of a score you already have, this should be a specific request which can be negotiated with me personally. My opus page shows that I have done a multitude of arrangements, but the request must come from a person who already has a score.

It can be a simple "piano and voice arrangement," but the voice must already be scored. Under no conditions will I provide any arrangement without a previous musical score, or at the minimum a lead sheet.


I have done everything in music except conduct a symphony orchestra. The consultation you will receive will be genuine, but I advise you that in music it is wise to be proficient first, before seeking professional consultation.

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