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How to Order Custom Art for You or Your Business

Small Projects, General Artwork,
Stationary and Letterhead Design,
Logo Design, Illustrations and Clip Art,
or Any Custom Art Your Heart Desires.

You can order custom art for your home or for your business here.
The rate for art projects is $50 per hour plus expenses.
Most artwork for home or business can be done for $50 - $150,
with no royalty paid thereafter.

You must read the Artwork Contract Here.

The page you're on now explains how to go about ordering your custom art.

Contact information is issued at the bottom of this page.

1. Contact the artist by e-mail to request a price quote for custom artwork. You should explain what you need, such as a logo, letterhead, artwork for your office, or whatever you have in mind. You may contact the artist here

2. When a price is agreed upon, the artist will e-mail you a contract in PDF Adobe format as a safe attachment for download. Please read the contract, which is located here, before ordering any custom artwork.

3. The PDF contract will already be signed by the artist. You will be required to pay 50% of the total price up front, and the balance will be paid by you upon completion of the art project.

4. After you download the PDF Adobe attachment, print out the 4-page contract so you have a hard copy, and then sign it. The artist has already signed the contract, so you will make it a binding agreement when you also sign the contract.

5. Make a copy of the signed contract for your records. Always keep a hard copy for your own records.

6. Mail the original signed copy by regular U.S. Mail to the artist. The artist must receive the original, not a copy.

7. You may mail a Money Order also, if you wish, made out payable to J.V. Presogna, but you can also use PayPal to send the first payment to the artist. There must be a down payment of 50% of the total price up front. No checks will be accepted. Either PayPal or Money Order is approved.

8. When the artist receives both the first payment and the signed contract, work will commence on your art project.

9. Upon completion of the artwork, the artist will e-mail you a proof copy, which shall be watermarked with the iniials "JVP" on it. You must approve this proof copy first. See below for what a painting looks like with a watermark on it.

Artwork Proof Example

10. The "JVP" watermark will be removed from the final product if the artwork is approved by you and final payment is received. See below for what the final product looks like without a watermark.

Image Without Watermark Example

Contact Information:

Mr. J.V. Presogna
Presogna Productions


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