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True Worth Studies
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True Worth takes a look at the BCS Championship.

The BCS Championship Games
can be found at the following link:
BCS Championships

See Some Suggested Playoff Scenarios Below.

True Worth Studies was begun in 1985 to examine athletic performance. For the most part, it has been mostly about the National Football League and professional sports. The principles can, however, be applied everywhere, from high school to college.

True Worth Studies state explicitly that "no single number or grade" can identify a football team. In other words, although you can rank or grade the components of any team --- like pass offense, or rush defense, or special teams --- you can never find a single number to rank a team "as a whole."

This is because the sport is about matchups.

The BCS Championship does little to take this into consideration, and the BCS rankings do provide a single number for a team to be ranked --- contrary to True Worth principles.

In 1991, I personally contacted the NCAA concerning NCAA football and a possible championship series. I received a reply from Dennis L. Poppe, Director of Championships, dated November 27, 1991, thanking me for the interest, but implying that the NCAA had other plans at the time. Said Mr. Poppe, "A resolution was presented during the 1988 Convention that stated Division I-A membership did not support the creation of a national championship in the sport of football. The resolution passed by a vote of 98 in favor, 13 opposed and one abstention. However, as mentioned, no proposal with a suggested format has even been presented for consideration."

No playoff series was intended for the NCAA football teams, and this eventually gave way to the current BCS Championship.

I did, in my contact with Mr. Poppe, provide 2 possible playoff formats, both of which could have used the bowl system already in place in a fair playoff of what could be termed the best college football teams.

I will issue both of those plans again below.

Two NCAA Playoff Scenarios

These are the 2 playoff scenarios proposed by me November 20, 1991.

16 Teams

8 Bowls scheduled prior to New
Year's Day on 2 separate days of the
same weekend.

8 Teams survive to play in 4 New
Year's Day Bowls (Rose, Orange,
Sugar, Cotton).

Rose winner v. Cotton winner.
Orange winner v. Sugar winner.

Championship Game and
Consolation Game on same weekend.
10 Teams

After one weekend of playoffs, 5
teams remain.

A poll will rank the 5 remaining
teams, and #1 gets a "Bye Week."

#2 plays #5, and #3 plays #4.

Winners of each game above play for
the top seed.

That winner plays the #1 (who had the
bye) for the Championship.

True Worth Studies
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