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Released October 24, 2016
FOR 32-Bit and 64-Bit SYSTEMS
This HTML program will work in any browser on any system.

Any system, Windows, Apple, or other,
on any Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet, will work.

Save the Download to Your Hard Drive.
Extract Files from Downloaded 3.02 MB Zip File.
Open the START_HERE_OPEN page in your browser.
That's all there is to it.
You can bookmark any page like any other HTML page in your browser.


Extract Files from
Downloaded 3.02 MB Zip File


JVP_Music_Alarm_Clock is an HTML presentation by Mr. J.V. Presogna.

Features: You can set your alarm to the music of your choice, or you can accept the default instrumental "Santa Lucia." Before you go to bed, open the JVP_Music_Alarm_Clock in your browser and set the time. Leave the browser open overnight. Make sure your Power Settings do not shut down the computer during the night while you sleep.

Your browser must be HTML5 compliant for the Audio to work as it is set up. According to internet sources which give official views, the Safari 3.1 and up will work on any Apple computer with the Audio Tag, but the Audio Tag is no longer supported on Windows after Safari 5.1. The Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer reviews all claim to support the Audio Tag currently, but make sure you have an updated version of the browser.

This Alarm Clock was tested before release. On my computer I bring on a "blank" after 10 minutes, and then shut down the display after another 5 minutes.

The Internet Explorer 9, the Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1, the Opera 12, and the Chrome Engine 53.0.2785.116 used with Avant Browser all performed well in testing, either as an open window overnight, or in the task bar overnight, sounding the alarm on cue each time.

The Opera 40.0.2308.81 performed well only as an open window, sounding the alarm on cue, but it did not operate well when minimized to the task bar like the others.

NOTE: If anyone finds anything to the contrary, please notify me at my e-mail address and let me know which browser caused any problem. The advice I must give is to get a browser which is HTML5 compliant, because that is the only issue here.

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After Extracting Files -------------- START_HERE_OPEN
After Extracting Start Page

Welcome Page --------------------- JVP_Music_Alarm_Clock Window
Welcome Page Base Alarm Page

JVP_Music_Alarm_Clock, by Mr. J.V. Presogna, © 2016
Wake up to the music of your choice.

Download File Size = 3.02 MB Zip File


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