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"Decrypt Three Messages and Win"

Presented By
Mr. J.V. Presogna
© 2018

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, 2018

In accordance with Contest Rules 15 and 16, since only one person entered the contest, and since nobody has solved any of the three messages, all three prizes have been awarded to this contestant regardless of outcome, as of September 5, 2018, although the messages will remain online at this web site indefinitely hereafter, in the event people try to solve the messages.

Everyone is welcome to continue to try to solve the messages, but no additional prizes will be awarded. The contest is over.

Get The Messages Here

All the Prizes Awarded to: Ramon Rojas Inastrillas: Madrid, Spain.
He did not solve the messages but has been awarded the prizes by default. **********************************************************

Three messages written entirely in code must be decrypted.

You will be given a link to download the file when you enter the contest, so that you can use it on your own computer to test and attempt to decrypt it. It is much better to have the file yourself so that you can run tests on it with your own programs.

Please, read the Official Contest Rules below. Allow 24 - 48 hours after you enter for the download link to be sent to you. If you do not get a reply or a download link within 48 hours, please contact the web site.

Please, serious contestants only.



Official Contest Rules
(How to Enter)

This contest is being provided by Mr. J.V. Presogna, Presogna Productions, 4647 Richmond Street, Erie, PA 16509, for the purposes of entertainment and allowing contestants to test their skills on decryption. This is the first time the contest is being held.

Contact Information for Mr. J.V. Presogna, concerning only this contest, must be mailed only by electronic means, using the e-mail address which is the companion web site for The subject line on the popup e-mail should read "Crack-the-Code-Contest." No other correspondence will be recognized or answered.

The official rules, the process of entry, and all other information regarding this contest, are described below.

1. The contest is open to anyone who wishes to enter and provides this web site with a valid e-mail address for registration. All contestants must register first.

a) You must also provide your complete name and complete street address.

2. Only contestants who provide an e-mail address and street address are valid contestants, because if nobody decrypts the puzzles, a random drawing of all contestants will be used to select the actual winners.

a) You must be 13 years old at a minimum to enter the contest, in addition to having a valid e-mail address and street address.

3. To enter the contest, you must send your e-mail to which is the companion web site for, and place the words "Crack-the-Code-Contest" in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, please write out your e-mail address so that it may be included in the random drawing if necessary. Also include your complete name and your complete street address for our records. Upon receiving the e-mail entries, a link to a download will be provided, so that you can gain the encrypted messages to solve. Gaining the download by any other means will disqualify you from the contest. The object is to decrypt all 3 messages in the download by the contest deadline to win a prize.

4. The contest is open until September 3, 2018, Labor Day, closing at 11:59 PM on that date. No entries after that date will be considered, either for solving the puzzles or for the random drawing. Any taxes or other expenses are the responsibility of the winner, should you win a monetary or other prize.

5. If you solve all 3 messages, you win FIRST PRIZE: That is $10 cash awarded via PayPal. If there is a tie for FIRST PRIZE, the money award will be divided between the winners.

6. If you solve 2 out of the 3 messages, you win SECOND PRIZE: That is $5 cash, awarded via PayPal. If there is a tie for SECOND PRIZE, the money award will be divided between the winners.

7. If you solve only 1 out of the 3 messages, you win THIRD PRIZE: You will receive the eBook of your choice from Mr. J.V. Presogna's Bookstore for Kindle and EPUB Readers, valued at $2.00.

8. If nobody solves any puzzles, a random drawing will determine the winners. Three names will be drawn at random by Mr. J.V. Presogna, and they will be awarded the prizes noted above in the order in which they are drawn, that is, first person gets FIRST PRIZE, second person gets SECOND PRIZE, and third person gets THIRD PRIZE.

9. If certain people solve certain puzzles, without solving all 3, they will be awarded the prize specified for that above. In the event of a tie, the money award will be divided between the winners.

10. The random drawing will take place September 5, 2018, 2 days after Labor Day, the end of the contest. Winners will be notified by e-mail, and their names will be posted on the web site as winners. Entering the contest constitutes permission to post the names on the web site, if you win one of the prizes. No other names will be posted on the web site.

11. No purchase is necessary from for any entry into the contest. This contest is void where prohibited.

12. The contestants agree that they must provide all valid information upon entry, including the valid e-mail address and street address, and they must possess a valid PayPal account.

13. The download that must be gained for entry contains a file known as RTF, or what is commonly called a Wordpad. You must be able to open this document on your computer, and you must take complete responsibility for this. The download is a ZIP file, and the RTF file must be "extracted" from the ZIP archive file.

14. Entering the contest allows to contact you, if necessary, for any updates or information concerning the contest.

15. The total amount of winning entries may be any number, including zero, depending on who can solve the puzzles. Otherwise, a random drawing will determine who gets the prizes, if nobody provides the proper skill to solve any puzzle.

a) If nobody enters the contest by September 3, 2018, Labor Day, obviously no prizes can be awarded since there are no contestants. If this happens, the contest will be held open indefinitely for anyone who wants to attempt to decrypt the messages, and that person will claim all three prizes for himself or herself.

16. The sole authority on who wins is Mr. J.V. Presogna, the inventor of the program JVP-Encrypt, which is the program used to encrypt the messages in the contest, and all decisions will be final. The messages must be decrypted exactly to win the prizes. No partial meanings will be eligible for a prize.

Privacy Policy

Neither Mr. J.V. Presogna nor Presogna Productions, or anyone connected to the "Crack the Code Contest" or the web sites or will ever provide access to the database of registered contestants. The only contestants names that will be exposed and posted on the web site are the winners of the contest provided herewith.

No effort will be made to give away or sell anyone's name or e-mail address.

Mr. J.V. Presogna
Presogna Productions
4647 Richmond Street
Erie, PA 16509
United States of America
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Contest Contact E-Mail:

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