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Written By
Mr. J.V. Presogna
© 2007

I am a Christian-Buddhist, who was originally raised a Catholic, and who has tried more than 20 religions since childhood in exploring the world of truths. Quite some time ago, I settled comfortably into the Christian-Buddhist mold and there I remain to this day.

As someone who has studied the religions and philosophies of the world, even though I am basically a mathematics and science person who always examines the truth in detail, I am fairly confident that I can explain something to those who do not understand it when it comes to a single point of Christianity.

That single point is the Trinity.

To simplify this model, one can state that flesh is made spirit, only to return to spirit. You can count one, two and then three separate and distinct existences, although it is the same person or individual in all phases. This is the model for all creatures, not just the model of God in Christianity.

Three distinct individuals, but one person, from one existence to the next --- spirit, flesh, spirit.

I am surprised that some people have been professing that the Trinity is mother-womb-child, which expels from the concept all spirit, all salvation and all meaning.

It is impossible to conceive of this mother-womb-child example as a Trinity for me, but America is a free country and all religions are blessed with the same freedoms.

Christianity has long made the effort to say that we are of God and God resides in us, and Buddhism, believe it or not, has an abundance of items which are similar or identical to Christianity and Judaism. Buddha specifically stated in his discussions that the chain of existence is not unbroken, that in passing from one existence to the other there is indeed a switch.

How is this so?

By example, I can describe the network needed for an old telegraph signal going from New York to St. Louis. The signal goes 20 miles and then comes to a switch, which then sends it another 20 miles until it comes to another switch, and on down the line until it gets to St. Louis. It is still the same signal that originated in new York, but it has gone through many switches (existences) of 20 mile intervals along the way.

Likewise, the Trinity begins as spirit, but it enters a flesh state which is different and therefore must be broken momentarily in this switch. To return to spirit, it must be broken again by a switch.

In conclusion, then, it would be appropriate for anyone with religious aspirations to examine the meat of the issue. Existence is the issue, both here and the hereafter, whatever hereafter you conceive.

It has nothing to do with a physical configuration called childbirth.

You see, childbirth is only the switch.


Mr. J.V. Presogna is a writer, composer and artist with a background in science and mathematics. He is a Christian-Buddhist.

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