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JVP-Pix Mobile

JVP-Pix Mobile

Released December 12, 2012
For Photographers and Cinematographers
Android Operating Systems
PRICE: $1.00

Cell Phone with JVP-Pix Mobile Installed

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For Mobile Downloads Only!

JVP-Pix Mobile is a mobile cell phone app by Mr. J.V. Presogna which will also work on tablets. It can calculate the depth of field for you when you enter the distance from the object, the fStop setting, and the focal length of the lens. Juggling these entries can help you take much better photographs and add artistry to your shots. You should understand that this app is for cameras which have an adjustable lens. A fixed lens is not an adjustable lens, and it cannot be focused for various targets and distances as an adjustable lens can.

Features: Three text slots are provided for your entries with a button for calculation. The answer appears at the bottom of the app, giving you a minimum distance and a maximum distance for exact focus of the object. A longer focal length will provide more opportunities. To operate the app, first tap the button for your entry which applies focus to the proper text slot. Then, make your entry in that slot. Tap each successive button in the same way and make your entries. You can change or clear your entries if you make a mistake before tapping the calculate button.

For the price of $1.00, you can't go wrong.

JVP-Pix Mobile, by Mr. J.V. Presogna: Mobile, Android OS, © 2012
JVP-Pix Mobile is a handy tool for photographers and cinematographers
to calculate depth of field on their android cell phone or tablet.

License Window App Main Window

If you have an adjustable lens and you are on the go,
having this app on your cell phone or tablet is a great convenience.

The JVP-Pix Mobile app will look the same on tablets as it does on a cell phone,
meaning it will still scale as 320dp width on a 10 inch tablet, not covering your whole screen.


What is Depth of Field?

The amount of the picture that is in clear focus represents a depth of field.

Depth of Field

The man with the suitcase is in focus,
but the area outside the range of depth of field is not.

Download File Size = 41 KB APK File
Filename: JVP-Pix-release.apk

JVP-Pix Mobile

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